About School Aid India

School Aid India, also known as SAI, is a small charity based in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire, UK.

The inspiration for SAI arose from contacts built up with local people over the course of several visits to the Darjeeling area, in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas.  Anyone who believes that children don’t like school has not seen children of all ages in India, willingly walking miles in all weathers just to get to school each day. There is a huge enthusiasm for education but unfortunately the universal primary education offered by the government, is at best irregular, and often of such poor quality that better off families automatically choose to send their children to private schools. So poorer children inevitably miss out on the good education which is not only every child’s right, but will also affect their whole future. Our aim is to offer some of these underprivileged children a chance they would not otherwise have, providing high quality free education in English, and paying for books, and school uniforms, so that they too can get a really good start in life.

Our trustees include 3 teachers, 2 chemical engineers, and a business man.

All our administration is done by volunteers, and the cost of travel to India is not met from Charity funds. All donations are sent directly to India to support our work there.

Registered Charity no.1116768

How does your donation help?

Every donation helps SAI provide better facilities for our students, here are some typical examples of costs that we incur on a regular basis. We have six classes with 20-25 children in each class.

  • £22 buys uniform for one child giving them pride and identity
  • £50 pays for a wide selection of books for one class
  • £5 buys a waterproof storage box for books, needed in monsoon season
  • £600 for a new laptop for classroom use
  • £2250 will pay a teachers salary for one year