Fund Raising

Times are hard, and everyone has to watch the pennies. But children’s lives cannot be put on hold till the financial situation improves, so ever more creative approaches have to be found to raise the funds to keep Roseberry School running. As a small charity, School Aid India currently has a small reserve to draw upon, but lives very much hand to mouth.

More major public events have been organised and run by the Trustees, but SAI relies on the goodwill of an army of supporters who are willing to give time and energy to help the children in India. Many have attempted things they never tried before, and success has brought them personal satisfaction too.

Easy Fundraising

Easy fundraising is an organisation that donates back to us when people make online purchases through their site. Most major retailers partcipate and we benefit without you doing anything other than starting your purchase on the easyfundraising page here - EASYFUNDRAISING

Small events

We depend on our supporters to use their ingenuity when running small events to raise funds for SAI. Please note we will do our best to help anyone contemplating such an event, providing support and advice.

Supporters have done things such as:

  • held weekly gatherings for coffee/lunch where a small collection is made
  • 3 “Grannies” walked 100 miles
  • had small private coffee mornings with raffle/cake sale
  • opened gardens 
  • arranged a flower arranging demo
  • opened their café to SAI
  • sold hand made greetings cards
  • set up stalls
  • held a Christmas Fair

Birthdays and anniversaries

Some generous and ingenious supporters have turned a special celebration into an opportunity by requesting donations to SAI in lieu of more usual presents 

Schools participation

Our founder/secretary Helen Jones, herself an ex teacher, is more than happy to give illustrated talks or visit lessons and assemblies for children of all ages. Subsequently the children/young people themselves often decide they want to help, and what began as an interest in India becomes a focus on people less well off than oneself. They have raised money by:

  • holding a non uniform day
  • having a pyjama day
  • collecting second hand clothes for resale
  • making a donations at a Harvest Festival
  • doing a sponsored walk

Presentations for Interested Groups

Our founder /secretary gives  illustrated power point presentations about the development of Roseberry School as well as others about her travels and plant hunting trips in the Darjeeling area and other exotic locations.  The talks are suitable for a variety of different groups from U3A to rotary to WIs and Gardening Clubs, and can focus on the school, local culture, adventure, of flowers as required. Any fees are treated as donations to School Aid India.

Please email: or preferably phone 01642 723357



How does your donation help?

Every donation helps SAI provide better facilities for our students, here are some typical examples of costs that we incur on a regular basis. We have six classes with 20-25 children in each class.

  • £22 buys uniform for one child giving them pride and identity
  • £50 pays for a wide selection of books for one class
  • £5 buys a waterproof storage box for books, needed in monsoon season
  • £600 for a new laptop for classroom use
  • £2250 will pay a teachers salary for one year