An easy way to help us raise funds for School Aid India

Did you know that almost every time you buy something online you could be raising money for School Aid India?
Over 2700 well known retailers including Amazon, John Lewis, Sainsbury's, M&S, Vodaphone ..........
will donate a percentage of what you spend to School Aid India when you shop with them via easyfundraising.
It's QUICK and EASY to register and it's free.

The link is

Why not try it, it will not cost you anything at all but it will raise funds for School Aid India.
Spread the word!

How does your donation help?

Every donation helps SAI provide better facilities for our students, here are some typical examples of costs that we incur on a regular basis. We have six classes with 20-25 children in each class.

  • £22 buys uniform for one child giving them pride and identity
  • £50 pays for a wide selection of books for one class
  • £5 buys a waterproof storage box for books, needed in monsoon season
  • £600 for a new laptop for classroom use
  • £2250 will pay a teachers salary for one year