School children donate funds to School Aid India

Children in last year's Class 4, now in Class 5 at Huntington Primary School, York made 2 patchwork blankets and auctioned them, raising £79. The children decided that they wanted to give the money raised to a school in India. Helen visited the school and talked to the children about Roseberry School, Darjeeling. She showed them slides and discussed what the money could be spent on. The children decided that picture reading books would be a good idea. Helen is going to buy these and send them to Darjeeling.
We would like to thank Class 5 at Huntington Primary School, York for their very generous donation.

Marwood CofE Infant School, Great Ayton raised £174 from their Christmas Concert and kindly donated it to School Aid India. We thank them too for their very generous donation.

How does your donation help?

Every donation helps SAI provide better facilities for our students, here are some typical examples of costs that we incur on a regular basis. We have six classes with 20-25 children in each class.

  • £22 buys uniform for one child giving them pride and identity
  • £50 pays for a wide selection of books for one class
  • £5 buys a waterproof storage box for books, needed in monsoon season
  • £600 for a new laptop for classroom use
  • £2250 will pay a teachers salary for one year