The news that the Nepal earthquake did produce some damage to the old building at Roseberry came as a bit of a shock. The building looked alright, but the already poor foundations were finally destabilised by heavy monsoon rains affecting the slope below, and staff noticed that the building shook when the children moved around. The building will have to be demolished and the slope stabilised with high retaining walls before a new building can be constructed, an expensive process. If the site were left as it is, there is a possibility that the building could collapse onto the extension below which we clearly cannot ignore. The estimated cost of all the works is £25,000 at current rates of exchange.
Many people have been touched by the story and sent donations. the Great Ayton and Newton Parish Churches dedicated the collections from Christmas Carol Services to the appeal, raising £5000, and the 100 voices choir led by Jeanette Wainwright raised over £1100 at their Christmas concert. The appeal total now passed £13,000, and we thank everyone for their amazing generosity. We hope to have the necessary permissions in place to carry out most of the rebuild while the school is closed next winter.

How does your donation help?

Every donation helps SAI provide better facilities for our students, here are some typical examples of costs that we incur on a regular basis. We have six classes with 20-25 children in each class.

  • £22 buys uniform for one child giving them pride and identity
  • £50 pays for a wide selection of books for one class
  • £5 buys a waterproof storage box for books, needed in monsoon season
  • £600 for a new laptop for classroom use
  • £2250 will pay a teachers salary for one year